PRP Scar Revision

PRP Scar Revision

Do you feel uncomfortable because of your scars? If yes, then get a free consultation right now and book your appointment. At CareLife Mecial & Style, we firmly believe that combination therapy is the most effective approach for scar treatment. Based on your medical history and a precise examination, CareLife Medical & Style will determine the best location for the injection.

You may improve your healing and body metabolism in just a few sittings from highly trained surgeons.

What do Patients Want to Know?

What is Scaring?

Scaring is built-in progress in which a wound of your body starts to heal and eventually regenerates. The blood supply of that particular area is obstructed and the dermis of your skin deteriorates. The novel tissue that forms over the wound is newfangled and is unlike the normal skin tissue. This atypical type of healing hinders the movement of affected body areas.

Types of Scars:

No matter that with which type of scar you visit us, our highly adept and dexterous team can remove the scar efficiently. Patients usually come to our surgical centre with three types of scars:

Keloid Scars: Unduly aggressive process leads to the formation of this scar. In appearance, it looks raised and is inordinately extended. In extreme cases, patients come with immobilization of their body parts.

Contracture Scars: This type of scar is configured in patients who had skin burns. This scar affects the underlying muscles and mobility.

Hypertrophic Scars: Uplifted red scar which resembles a keloid scar but these are not overly fashioned.

Acne Scars: Some patients also come with stubborn scars that are left after the acne. These are angular and wavelike marks in appearance.

Boost Your Confidence! We are here for You.

These unwanted scars and immobility of your body parts can disparage your personality in your surroundings. But you don’t need to fret about it because CareLife Medical & Style is here for providing you assistance in regarding your bygone status of life. You can have your sleek skin and mobility capacities back with no pain by undergoing cosmetic surgery.

What are PRP Injections?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections incorporate a concentration of the patient’s own platelets to hasten the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. Consequently, PRP injections trigger an individual’s own restorative system to combat musculoskeletal problems.

How the Procedure will be Done?

Our professionalized team comprehends your case and decides the site of injection. Lidocaine is utilized for numbing the skin. And later, the needle is used for injecting PRP.

Outcomes of PRP

After the treatment, motions of the patient’s immobilized parts become possible and muscle pain significantly relieves.

Why visit us?

You can get rid of recurring acne by taking several sessions with Dr. Aziz as Laser Genesis results don’t come overnight. For more details, visit our clinic for availing amazing treatment packages or book an online appointment here.

How to Get An Appointment?

CareLife Medical & Style helps you live your life as you wish to, eradicating any physical changes that can be done without pain or any side effects. Click here to get swift access for online appointments.

How Much Time Does the Skin Take to Recover?

You will need multiple sessions of laser treatment for perfect results. However, the laser treatments at CareLife Medical & Style cause no after-effects and do not require any special recovery time or medications. You may be prescribed a sunscreen to go outside, but other than that, you are good to go out.

For booking yourself at CareLife Medical & Style for an instant laser treatment session, call us or book an online appointment or visit our contact webpage.

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