Fat Reduction

Do you have at least one area of your body that you wish you could change. At Carelife Style you can further define the shape of your body through our non-invasive 3D TruSculpt® fat-reduction treatments by our Aesthetics Team under the clinical guidance of Fatima Aziz, MD. To discover the ways that you can reshape your body and boost your self-confidence, schedule your consultation by phone or online at Carelife Style today.

What is Fat Reduction?

The fat reduction treatments at Carelife Style help you get rid of that bothersome excess fat pockets on your body. Carelife Style’s Aesthetic team, by utilizing the non-invasive radio-frequency (heat) based technology, can help you re-define those unpleasant areas that may be difficult to tackle with exercise alone. Whether it is the subcutaneous fat around the abdomen or the defiant love handles, or under the chin, on your neck or upper arms, there is a way to help you reduce the unwanted fat.

What can I expect during my fat-reduction treatment?

Treatments with TruSculpt 3D are simple and generally very comfortable. Some have even described to us as a warm massage similar to hot stone therapy. Each fat-reduction session with 3D TruSculpt 3D can take 60 minutes or less. Before beginning any treatment regimen the Aesthetic Consultant will discuss with you your goals and expectations and how best to achieve it.

How does fat reduction work?

3D TruSculpt is an FDA approved modality for fat reduction that uses radiofrequency energy to induce fat cell destruction by triggering apoptosis through inducing damage to fat cell walls. The radiofrequency is calibrated to target fat cells specifically. After the treatment is delivered, the body’s own natural processes will do the rest which can take up to 3 months to see optimal benefit from a single treatment. However, many may see some benefit sooner. It is important to realize that this treatment is for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes and does not tackle obesity or have any other fat related medical benefits. On average, there may be a reduction of 20-24% in the subcutaneous fat layer. Additionally, as the treatment is heat based, there may be secondary benefits such as skin tightening in the area of treatment by stimulating the subcutaneous collagen layer.

How long is recovery from a fat-reduction procedure?

One of the most appealing parts of fat-sculpting procedures wit 3D TruSculpt is that no recovery time is required. Your treated areas might feel a bit tender or sore, but generally this resolves within hours or a day or two. A person can resume their work routine or daily activity. Any specific conditions or circumstances can be further discussed with your Aesthetic Consultant.

Who can get fat-reduction treatments?

The treatments can generally be provided to most adults who have a measurable or noticeable amount of subcutaneous fat. To find out if this is appropriate for you and how fat-reduction treatments can safely and effectively help you achieve your desired body contours, contact Dr. Fatima Aziz and her experienced Clinical Aesthetic Team today at Carelife Style.

You deserve a body shape that you admire!

To find out if you’re a candidate for nonsurgical fat reduction, call Carelife Style or schedule a consultation online today.

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How Much Time Does the Skin Take to Recover?

You will need multiple sessions of laser treatment for perfect results. However, the laser treatments at CareLife Medical & Style cause no after-effects and do not require any special recovery time or medications. You may be prescribed a sunscreen to go outside, but other than that, you are good to go out.

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